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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Global - Looking for dealers / distributors

At AMF boats we supply our boats direct to the consumer in New Zealand and most export markets. We have a dealer in Fremantle, Western Australia and that leaves a lot of potential for everywhere else!

At AMF Boats we are always interested in hearing from potential dealers / distributors to help market the AMF Boats product line globally.

AMF Boats have a very wide a varied range of models that not many manufactureres can match within one brand

A high emphasis on providing a quality product and customer satisfaction are essential.

If you are interested give us a call and lets talk further.

Growing up with Aluminium Boats

Most New Zealanders will have fond memories of growing up an aluminium boat. Most will recall summers where the humble 12ft dinghy was pulled along the shore and rowed with a pair of oars, or if you are lucky an old seagull outboard engine. Or the best yet the 12ft Dinghy was powered by a 15hp outboard.

They were riveted together and tended to leak like a sieve after a few years and the thin alloy would wear through from all the abuse it recieved on the beach. These little boats were able to be patched up and would be around for decades. They stored well upside down and a lot of back yards had one laying around waiting for the family holiday. Floundering, and fishing in estuaries remain great memories from my child hood.

Aluminium boat building has come along way, and the options available are endless. From cheap boats to super-yachts aluminium can provide the building basis for fantastic boats that will provide great memories.

If an aluminium boat is built correctly and cared for well it will last for many decades and out live many other boat building materials, it seems that aluminium boats in New Zealand are as popular as ever and New Zealanders see past any negative experience they may have had with an old leaky tiny and love the virtues of an alloy boat. So the barriers are constantly being pushed and quality aluminium boats have evolved into a product with very few draw backs for their proud owners.

Monday, May 24, 2010

AMF 950 QRV Rescue Craft

Video footage below of an AMF 950 QRV (Quick Response Vessel) This particular boat was built for Coastguard North Shore, New Zealand.

Quick Response Vessel designed for Coastguard rescue or patrol work.

Powered with twin 250Hp four stroke outboards this vessel reaches a top speed of around 47 knots and hull design allows for an easy ride at these speeds.
Heavy duty plate Alloy hull construction makes for a long life hull and great sea keeping abilities.
Can also be modified for pleasure use or super yacht tender.
Suitable for Coastguard, search and rescue, Pilot vessel, Police vessel, fire fighting, military or high speed pleasure cruising boat.

Link to AMF 950 QRV Information

AMF Boats - First Blog!!

Well here we go, my first blog I hope this is as boring as it gets! I hope to be informative about both our AMF Boats product line as well as aluminum / aluminium / alloy (take your pick) boats in general.

My name is Bevan and I work within our family boat building business. I am based in Wanganui New Zealand, From this boat building yard we build a range of production alloy boats that range from 5.65 mtrs to 6.6mtrs. Our other yard is Mt Maunganui, New Zealand and we build 7.2mtr vessels to around 15mtrs. with a range of production and custom vessels built from this yard.

AMF Boats specialize in plate aluminium construction and aim to build to the highest level we can achieve.

I often find it amazing the misconceptions around alloy boats and along the way I hope I can go some way towards sharing our knowledge and opinions here at AMF Boats. Demos and boat trials are a perk of the job and if I can share my work place perk with the world I will give it my best shot here.

I have up until now shared on Flickr, Youtube, Twitter and facebook, I have decided a blog is another medium that will help get my message across I guess in more depth or obviously as much depth as can type.

For more in depth look into our two boat building yards you can take a look at and

See you again soon!!