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Thursday, July 7, 2011

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin Factory Overview

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin Factory Video Overview Click Here.   

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin is 6.8mtr (21'8") heavy duty plate aluminium hull, pleasure boat. Constructed to commercial level for recreational boaters this boat can easily be put in to survey. Ideal for family boating, water sports like skiing and wake boarding, fishing, scuba and free diving.

6mm Hull Plates
5mm Transom Plates
5mm Treadplate Floor 5251F
4mm Side plates
4mm Side Decks
3mm Shelf & Dodger/Hardtop
All Plate except Treadplate is 5083 Marine Grade
All Extrusions used are 6061T5
Underfloor Fuel Tank Size                 220 Litres
Beam                                                2.45 mtrs
Length Over All                                 6.8 mtrs
Actual hull length                                6.3 mtrs
Overall Trailing Length                        8.75 mtrs      (Tip of trailer draw bar to skeg on outboard tilted up)
Trailing weight with 220 liters of fuel    2,100kgs

A practical layout, standing or seated position for the skipper, controls and steering wheel lay comfortably to hand. A large skipper console for gauges and switches and large deep full length shelf for mounting electronics and storing the likes of charts, clothes, phones sunglasses etc. Two pedestal seats with quad action seat mounts, gas struts allow the seats to move forward for sitting and can be pushed back to give plenty of leg clearance for standing. The seats swivel and can be locked in any facing position. The plastic seat shells used have hand holds molded into them which is useful for extra crew standing behind the seats, along with the rockets launcher they are provided with plenty of useful handholds. Optional seating can be added in the form of a centrally mounted ice bin with a three inch squab, or separate smaller ice bins that can be bungy hooked back to the side pockets or back shelf. A removable rear bench seat is another option, or built in king queen arrangements.Beside each pedestal seat there storage compartments handy to both the skipper and passenger. When optioned a solid aluminium drop in door adds security to the vee berth cabin area, while boating this door can be left in the vehicle, a door in a small boat is in the way either opened or closed, and hinges never last, by leaving it in the vehicle while boating any potential door rattles are also eliminated.
The Vee Berth Cabin are is 2 meters long and is the smallest model specifically suitable as an over nighting hull or for day boating purposes this area is ideal for allowing children to shelter, or a couple of people can have a nap, the option of a center infill in the foot well can make this area even more suitable as a bunk. There is enough room for one adult to sit up right, the foot well is large enough for foot space. Two vinyl covered squabs have storage underneath. A back rest features both port and starboard side. In front of the squabs is a step to stand on while using the foredeck access hatch, a capstan foot switch can be mounted on this step. A plastic hatch provides access to the skipper console or basic fuse replacement type work, or the whole back cover can be removed for full service/rig up access. A large cover also can be removed to access, any radios or speakers mounted in the large parcel shelf area.

The bow sprite extends to fit a small plow style anchor, a quality bow roller is fitted with a pin to hold the rope in the fairlead, Split Bow rails constructed from heavy walled 32mm alloy tube, beautiful Tig welds, being low level means it is easy access the bow when pushing off a beach or ramp for example, also by keeping the bow rails low they are stronger and more likely to with stand being hooked up on a wharf for example. The lower part of the rail is a great hand hold while standing at the ramp or in the surf, and over all the bow rail has lots of style a shape to complement the lines of the foredeck and hull. The raised foredeck adds head room in the cabin, the rolled treadplate foredeck has long been a trademark look for the pro sport series, this is a strong shape, the treadplate offers a robust no nonsense non slip surface. A quality "Clue" hatch in the foredeck, provides safe access to the bow, it has four latches two provide a vent setting while the other two make the hatch lockable form the inside. Forward of the foredeck hatch is a generous self draining anchor bin, most often this model is optioned with a windlass deck mounted winch or another option is to leave the anchor bin open and have a mounting pad for a capstan winch. On the deck a AMF Custom made bow bollard is also incorporated. The acrylic warp around windscreen has long been another AMF feature, an aluminium dodger is first built into the hull and then capped and welded with a shaped extrusion, the screen area is then cut out and the acrylic is bonded to the 50mm borders with 6 tubes of sealant. This tensioned shape is super strong.

The AMF rocket launcher is a fantastic utility arch, built AMF strong and robust from heavy walled 38mm extrusion. Folding rocket launcher for garaging, features six capped rod buckets, mounts for the L.E.D navigation lights, mounts for aerials, deck lighting, hidden wiring and of course supports the AMF canvas targa top frame. The rocket launcher provides sure hand holds for extra crew standing behind the pedestal seats or working the deck in heavier sea conditions. Height and rake of the rocket launcher is perfect to allow ample deck space for casting and rod action. the AMF targa top is a strong and dependable alloy frame tightly covered in black canvas. Built strong this targa top can be left up while trailering the boat at open road speeds limits, it provides a stable hand hold when walking around the side of the screen to the foredeck. The peak extends past the screen and clears follow the same angle of the screen to clip on to a second tube under the targa. By unbolting a bolt either side the targa can be folded down along with the rocket launcher for garaging.

Side decks are wide with excellent freeboard (740mm - 800mm) and provide great seating for while at rest, fishing or gearing up for a dive, unobstructed (no rails) so gauges cant get hooked up when rolling over the side. There is plenty of toe space around the work area of the boat, this is provided by the wide side decks, and under the transom. Side pockets are generous in length and volume, ideal for a paddle, gaff, net or for those that like to store a rod and reel. The transom is enclosed and two large plastic hatches provide access through to the battery/storage areas on each side and a smaller hatch provides access to the center fuel system area. The transom shelf is mounted high to protect the batteries in the unlikely event a large amount of water enters the boat, and also to provide a space for a standard 44 litre style fish been to be placed either side. This deck space is also an ideal area to lay dive bottles (necks out), as the hull carries weight best toward the stern of the hull. Each stern corner features an AMF custom built cross bollard, built from the same quality material as the hull, these bollards offer the strength and corrosion resistance unmatched from off the shelf cast alloy or plastic bollards. Four rod holders, two in each side deck, made from composite plastic these offer superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel rod holders in and aluminium boat, but similar strength

The bait board when optioned features a simple but strong slanted single pole mount which is bolted to the transom, this provides positive hand holds when walking around the deck in heavier sea conditions and rattle free mounting. The fact that the bait board is bolted in place means this can also be used as a ski tow point and there is a lug welded to the rear of the bait board for doing this, some engine models can be too tall for this to be used effectively. Two rod buckets are mounted on the board and they have gimble pins and plastic caps, theses are ideal for trolling, extra rod storage, keeping your rods off the deck while re-baiting or just extra hand holds for divers boarding. There are hand rails either side and along the back edge, these great handholds or for tying lanyards to. The bait tray measure 550mm long x 350mm Wide x 40mm High, the front has a lowered edge for easier knife use. So this is a good strong functional bait board at a good height so you don't have to stoop and while using this station.

5mm Transom with an outboard bracket for a pod mounted engine set up. Engine pod is built tough, with the same pod used for 90hp-250hp over the varied AMF models. The engine pod doubles as a live bait set up, a flap covers the drainage and a venturi pick up on the transom delivers water to pod while on the run, an over flow backs on to the engine mounting area. At rest water in the live bait pod finds it's own level. Four 32mm hand rails on the stern are not only useful while boating or maneuvering the the boat on land, but the two inside rails also are used to run transducer and other cables to a high entry point on the transom, this way no holes need to be drilled below the water or even close to water level. A doubler pad is welded in place for the mounting of transducer brackets, this way mounting screws do not compromise the buoyancy compartment. AMF have their own custom made clamp for holding the engine looms and steering hoses, this keeps the rig up looking tidy helps prevent "wear and tear". A auxiliary bracket can be welded on the starboard boarding platform and on the post platform a custom AMF dive ladder is fitted, this ladder folds against the sloped transom, and when in the water offers easy access for a fully kitted diver. 

Pod mounting allows the outboard to be mounted higher this keeps the power head further out of the water and with the steering pivot point further back from the end of the hull plates this gives the boat an extended feel to its actual length. To support the extra weight of a four stroke floatation pods are built in under the boarding platforms, built with shape and style, these two separate floatation chambers perform well for both reversing and a swell approaching from the stern. This hull can be powered either two or four stroke outboard engines 200hp to 225hp up to 280kgs.

The AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin is trailed on a Custom Elite Voyager A20 Multi Roller, Tandem Axle Trailer. It features a fully galvanised steel frame, galvanised components, with strategic large flush holes to ensure you can rinse and or wash the trailer thoroughly inside and out. 40 wobble rollers with dual roller sets towards the stern for extra support, 165 x 13" 8 ply light truck tyres, and galvanized steel spoke rims. Equalising spring suspension, galvanised hubs, and chrome dome wheel nuts. The strong 3mm steel guards have nicely finished rolled edges for added strength, with flat tops line with anti slip deck tread, perfect for standing on. The Voyager is equipped with fully submersible LED trailer lights. The winch post is welded on solid and the double boomerang snub system holds the bow firmly. With the two point safety chain and turnbuckle tensioned, the hull is prevented from moving forward or backwards on the trailer. Tie down points are strategically located for securing the boat to the trailer. The Voyager features quality New Zealand made parts, such as a Christine Winch (with Dyneema Winch Rope), a Whareora adjustable Jockey Wheel, and a Trojan duo fit coupling, which will fit either 1"7/8 or 50mm ball size at the turn of the handle. Brakes are optional, but recommended for the 660 rig; Hydraulic Override brakes on the front axle, with stainless steel hoses and calipers. Each model of Voyager trailer has been designed to support the hull where it is strongest. The Voyager’s low centre of gravity optimises towing, means a simple task of refueling, and makes your launch and retrieve a breeze.

Each AMF Marine Trailer is custom built to fit each AMF hull. Using 5083 Marine Grade Plate for the chassis construction. This is an aluminium frame built to an unrivalled standard.
Benefits :
No Galvanized frame to deteriorate,Very Quiet to tow with out wobble rollers,Self centers and levels every retrieve, Easy launch and retrieve, Slightly lighter than a quality steel trailer, Tows Beautifully, LOOKS FANTASTIC!
The frame is folded into a tapered C section with large radius bends. Large gussets strengthening joins correctly welded to prevent stress points. The hull sits on plastic skids and polyprop keel rollers. Nylon vee entry, the complete rear of the trailer will capture the hull and center every time. Rolled Guards are fitted and welded in place with large steps front and rear. Stainless Steel Safety chains with captive pin stainless steel D-Shackles. Stainless steel Brakes calipers and hoses, and LED trailer Lights Dual 1 7/8" and 50mm Coupling, Winch.

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin Gallery Click Here.

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin Website Click Here.

AMF Production Process Click Here.


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