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AMF Boat Company Limited
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

AMF 660 Vee Berth Cabin Factory Review

For some time now I have been giving thought to doing my own review or tour of our boats before they leave the factory. The window of opportunity between the boats completion and the owner taking delivery can be very small.

There are so many items I would like to discuss that I found it is very hard to summarize and cover the boat well in one video suitable for you tube.

I have decided I need to start making smaller videos as well to describe a smaller part of the item of the boat in more detail. So all features and benefits are covered.

Here is my first attempt at a review of a 660 Vee Berth Cabin. I used my Nokia N8 Mobile phone, pleased with the results for a phone but it didn't handle some of my movements and the footage is a bit shaky.

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